ClearKlens® Hygiene Solutions for the Life Sciences Industries

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Protecting Production Integrity - Efficiently


From sterile disinfectants to clean-in-place wash down systems, ClearKlens solutions deliver dependable cleaning results while enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of your operation.


Developed to meet the specific needs of manufacturing facilities in the Life Sciences Industry, the comprehensive range of ClearKlens hygiene solutions can be relied on to protect your production integrity - efficiently.



Manufactured in a Controlled Environment to cGMP


The ClearKlens range is manufactured to cGMP principles (ISO 22716). Our sterile range is manufactured in cleanrooms accredited to the same standards as the cleanrooms the products are designed to be used in.

BPR compliant products

BPR Supported Formulation 


The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) requires biocidal products to be registered with the European Union and will become the standard for all member states. As a significant investment per formulation, you can rest assured that Diversey ClearKlens is committed to the pharma sector and ensuring that we have a product range that is fit for the purpose.


ClearKlens high-standard products

Tested to Relevant Standards


ClearKlens biocides are tested against relevant standards to prove efficacy against bacteria, fungi and spores. Full test data is available on request.


Sterile packaging


Packaging Integrity 


The ClearKlens sterile range is manufactured in sterile conditions to ensure the integrity of the product. Our packaging has been rigorously tested to ensure the integrity of the product is not compromised before or during use.


global formulations


Standard Worldwide Formulations


The formulations of ClearKlens products are standard across the globe and are protected from change, ensuring no changes will be made unless for reasons beyond Diversey’s control and with extended notice.


Product documentation

Supported with Full Technical Documentation Package 


The ClearKlens range is supplied with a document package containing relevant documentation including:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Irradiation
  • Certificate of Sterility
  • Copies of the test data
  • TOC and LD50 data
  • HPLC test methods for residues
  • Manufacturing specifications
  • Process and packaging specifications where applicable




Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability products mentioned.