Personal Care
Because Every Moment Counts

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When it comes to skincare, we know even small moments make a big impact, whatever your industry.

Diversey is committed to changing the game for personal care through continuous innovation and collaboration with our customers. Our hygiene solutions support a wide variety of needs across multiple industries including hospitality, food service, health care and retail.


A Leader in Personal Care Solutions

When it comes to keeping your guests and employees healthy, hand hygiene is a critical component of keeping harmful germs at bay. Diversey creates effective solutions that address the needs and challenges of the spaces they are designed for.


Front of House
We know your customers view the cleanliness of your front of the house operations as a reflection of your back of house hygiene standards. Your approach to hand hygiene provides a moment of reassurance and so we provide safe, hygienically-sealed solutions with robust anti-theft dispensing systems that ensure consistent availability, lower total cost of ownership, and higher customer satisfaction levels to protect your brand.


Back of House
We want to enable you to focus on your business which is why we design safer, simpler and less intrusive hand hygiene products that seamlessly integrate into your core processes. This allows your staff to operate with the same high standards every moment, across application areas, sites and geographic regions.


We know that the safety of your students and staff is your top priority. You understand that good hand hygiene is the most effective way to stop the spread of cold, flu and other infections throughout your schools. We support your priorities by providing effective hand hygiene solutions to stop the spread of germs while providing allergen-free products for taking care of your students and staff’s health.


We know clean hands save lives because hand hygiene is the single most effective step in stopping the transmission of preventable infections. We share your commitment to continue hand hygiene compliance improvement, and so provide solutions that help you meet the World Health Organization's 5 Moments of for Hand Hygiene at the point of patient care.


We know that the personal care products you share with your guests are a reflection of your values and provide you with a moment to enhance your guest’s experience. We collaborate closely with our clients to design visually attractive, and even bespoke personal care solutions, filled with world-class brands that guests know and trust. We dispense them in ways that reduce plastic waste and provide leading sustainability performance as well as superior cost-in-use.


Trusted Product Ranges

We have a strong portfolio of international product ranges to cater for the unique needs of all the sectors we serve. Our customers come to us because our solutions are reliable, innovative and cost-effective. They stay with us because our service and attention-to-detail remain unparalleled.


Global Accessibility

Operating across six continents, we are committed to creating a positive sustainable impact by improving the lives of people around the world by addressing pressing needs in the communities where we and our customers operate.


Soap For Hope™

Over 7 million children die each year from diseases that can be prevented with simple hand washing. And every year, a typical 400-room hotel generates 3.5 tons of solid soap waste. That waste either goes to landfill or is shipped to a global recycling facility, costing hotels hefty fees.

Our Soap for Hope program teaches at-risk communities to salvage the hotels' soap slivers and turn them into new soap bars.


Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS) Hand Hygiene

Through our membership of the Private Organizations for Patient Safety Hand Hygiene, an organization launched by the World Health Organization's Service Delivery and Safety Department, we aim to use our global strengths to improve implementation of WHO recommendations in different parts of the world, including developing countries.


Together we are working to reduce healthcare-associated infections globally, including antimicrobial resistant pathogens.