Fabric Care 
Creating Value At Every Step Of Your Laundry Operation 

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Efficient and sustainable fabric care solutions to businesses all over the world.


Whether it's quality linen for your guests or hygienic bedsheets for your patients, every business aspires to give their customers the most effective solutions. At Diversey, we challenge ourselves to do just that, offering innovative fabric care solutions that not only reduce costs and drive sustainability, but also address the laundry needs of your specific industry and clients.

Our Sustainable Approach


As global company, we are incredibly sensitive to linking sustainability to all our solutions. That's why we are always looking for new and smarter ways for our customers to conserve resources while still achieving real and meaningful growth. Through our focus on the complete linen life cycle we help businesses preserve linen and optimize resources to help protect their brand as well as our planet.


Our fabric care experts provide support from the initial linen selection all the way through to ultimate disposal. This holistic approach sets us apart from competitors and gives our customers measurable insights and solutions that contribute to greater guest experience, reduced operational costs and more sustainable operations.


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