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Are the Time and Resources Taken to Clean your Fillers Eating Into your Production Schedule?


Product change-overs between batches are a major food safety cross-contamination risk. The hygiene of fillers is critical to ensure that the quality of your finished product is not compromised. In order to maintain the high hygienic level required for this sensitive area in an efficient, effective and sustainable way, automatic cleaning and disinfecting systems are an indispensable requirement for all filling facilities.


Cleaning your fillers eats into your available production time and, although critical, impacts overall plant efficiency. Our experience shows that around 30% of the cost of filler cleaning is attributed to time and labour, but in practice, audited systems show a much higher percentage prior to optimization. We have found that under-optimized filler cleaning systems have the potential to return 15-50% of the cleaning-time to production - increasing your efficiency and reducing total costs.


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What is Diversey FillerCheck?


FillerCheck is one solution within the Diversey Knowledge-Based Services portfolio. These services are designed to help you address food safety and operational efficiency challenges while reducing your total cost of operation. 


FillerCheck will help you improve your cleaning results, maintain microbiological standards, and safeguard your food safety. Our service specialists will help you discover if your filler cleaning process is underperforming and determine which optimization actions will result in meaningful improvement. They will conduct a detailed probe into your filler cleaning system to assess the system design, audit your current cleaning procedures, map your current water, energy, and chemical usage, and measure cycle time.

        • Ensure your chemical solution is suitable for your soils so that you can deliver a repeatable clean with each cycle
        • Optimize filler cleaning system design, energy efficiency and process automation
        • Reduce potential cross-contamination risk during product change-over
        • Prioritize areas of improvement and take action
        • As necessary, we will conduct additional assessments into the cleaning result, microbiological standards, and specific soils or allergens.
        • Benchmark your business against industry performance using FillerCheck’s analytic tools


        Following the Diversey FillerCheck, you’ll receive recommendations based on four pillars:

        • Effective and efficient hygienic design
        • Cleaning efficiency
        • Water, energy and chemical efficiency
        • Time and usage efficiency