Enduro Power

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Hybrid Foam and Gel OPC Products for Effective Soil Removal


Engineered for the specific demands of the food, beverage and dairy industries, Diversey® Enduro Power products enable you to meet your sustainability targets without impacting cleaning performance. The unique Enduro Power technology combines the benefits of foams and gels, creating a hybrid product that can be applied with existing foam equipment.



Maximize Cleaning Efficiency and Shorten Cleaning Time


Enduro Power products cling tenaciously to all surfaces by forming a highly active and visible film that stays in contact up to four times longer than equivalent foam products. As a result, Enduro Power products penetrate stubborn soils better than conventional foam products. In addition, Enduro Power products are designed to knock down to drain faster than standard foams, reducing labor cost and water use, while enhancing the appearance and functionality of your facility.


Reduce Operating Costs and Environmental Impact


The combined impact of water, energy, chemical and time savings result in operational efficiency gains that can translate into reduced operating costs. When combined with Diversey's knowledge of optimization procedures, Enduro Power can also contribute to achieving your sustainability goals while maintaining the highest food and beverage quality standards.


Enduro Chlor vs. Standard Foam Equivalent


Direct comparison trials between Enduro Chlor and a conventional foam equivalent were held at a meat processing plant over a two-day period. The same equipment and operators were used each day. On the first day, the facility was cleaned with a conventional, chlorinated foam; on the second day, the facility was cleaned using Enduro Chlor.


Throughout both days we measured and monitored cleaning time, water consumption and chemical usage. Enduro Power performance delivered significant, quantifiable improvements versus traditional foam in all categories.