Enduro Timesaver

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Enduro TimeSaver is a simple yet revolutionary change in open plant cleaning procedure. With labour costs accounting for over 60% of the total cost of OPC and the price of labour rising at an alarming rate, Enduro TimeSaver helps deliver process efficiencies to turn cleaning time and spend into profitable production capacity.


Protect your hygiene standards with fewer resources


Enduro Timesaver’s pre-clean technology relishes heavily soiled areas – tackling protein, fat and tallow soils to significantly reduce the requirement for pre-rinse, detergent and rinse stages. This results in a reduction in water, chemical and waste-water to enhance your sustainability footprint.


Benefits from Enduro Timesaver


  • Tackles difficult soils 
  • Removes costly pre-rinse stage 
  • Soil reduction allowing for 2 in 1 cleaning and disinfection stage
  • Increase the sustainability of your cleaning protocol 
  • Unlock additional production time
  • Reduce cleaning labour
  • Uses existing equipment


Add EnduroPower™  for the optimum result


  • Long cling: Unique technology increases contact time by up to 4 times, increasing soil penetration. 
  • Rapid Rinse: Rapidly collapse under rinse in a quarter of the time of standard foams saving water and time.
  • Reduced Chemical: A single one-coat application required at lower concentrations to foam equivalents.