Open Plant Cleaning Equipment

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OPC Equipment Designed to Improve the Efficiency and Accuracy of Manual Cleaning and Disinfection


We have a full range of open plant cleaning equipment to deliver optimum distribution, dilution and application of foam detergents, disinfectants and rinsing around your facility. Our solutions have been hygienically designed and can be selected to satisfy specific site and budget requirements. 


Mobile OPC Equipment


All-in-One Mobile OPC Units 

opc mobile voyager unit

The Voyager enables foam application disinfection and rinsing of large areas from one unit. Options include two-person working capacity and an inbuilt air compressor.


Portable Foam Units


portable foam unit for open plant cleaning


Our air-powered portable foam units have been ergonomically designed for ease of use.


Hand-Held Sprayers

hand-held manual sprayer for open plant cleaning


Manual Centralized and Decentralized OPC Equipment


Manual centralized OPC is optimal for plants where concentrated chemicals are not allowed inside the process rooms. In a centralized configuration, all chemicals are pre-diluted in a separate, isolated chemical room and distributed through a series of pipelines. In the chemicals room, the rinsing water pressure is boosted by means of a multi-stage pump. Each satellite OPC unit will receive pre-diluted cleaning foam, pre-diluted sanitizer, and boosted pressure water.


manual centralized open plant cleaning equipment


Manual decentralized OPC is a cost-efficient solution, suitable for plants and processes where it is possible to have concentrated chemical jerrycan at the bottom of each satellite unit. In this configuration, plants have a single water booster unit distributing boosted water to each satellite. The chemical (cleaning foam and sanitizer)is diluted on-site, introduced and dosed by means of a venturi.


manual decentralized open plant cleaning equipment


Automated Centralized and Decentralized OPC Equipment


Automated OPC systems are suitable for cleaning and sanitizing large production facilities that have complex, movings productions units, such as carousel fillers, belt conveyor, tipping conveyors, spiral freezers, spiral chillers, seasoning drums, tumbler trimmers among many other pieces of equipment. In an automated OPC installation, the cleaning foam and sanitizer is applied by means of a custom manifold, made to fit and reach each piece of equipment, ensuring that even the hardest-to-reach spots are covered during the cleaning and sanitation process.


automated centralized open plant cleaning equipment


During automated OPC, all pre-rinse, product application, contact, and post-rinse times are all controlled by a PLC, ensuring consistent and accurate results during each cleaning event.


automated decentralized open plant cleaning equipment